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Rooms with low ceilings are a common problem when trying to work out a lighting plan. Finding the ideal fixture for the ceiling and the height between ceiling and floor is not always easy when there's less room to play with. Simple and minimal designs with clear edges and straight lines help to produce a look that defines a space without relying on ceiling height.   VIEW RANGE


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One of the popular lighting fixtures to improve the lighting plan of a room is the downlight. Downlights effectively help in improving the light quality in every place where it is installed. They are recessed into the ceiling and direct the light down. It is mostly like a hidden lighting fixture that makes it appear like the light directly comes from the ceiling instead from a traditional lighting fixture.  VIEW RANGE


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Interior spotlights and track lights provide excellent directional light for accent lighting or task lighting (reading, study or drawing) purposes. The directional light is often used to highlight key features of the room they can be fitted on the ceiling or wall and are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours to suit indivdual taste and style.  VIEW RANGE


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Semi-flush, Flush and CTC ceiling lights, are very versatile and can be used in almost every room of the house. They are great for providing general illumination and are very practical in high traffic areas as well as rooms with lower ceilings.Beyond the basic ceiling lights there is a great selection of styles. A clean simple or perhaps you are looking for a ceiling light with a little more character.   VIEW RANGE


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When used correctly wall sconces not only provide illumination and safety, but they also create an air of sophistication and elegance throughout your home. Traditional sconces tend to be one the formal, ornate side of things. They can help give a room an upscale feeling while providing a throwback to styles of years gone by.  VIEW RANGE


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There are many ways you can use strategically use your home lighting to change the look and feel of an entire room. One way is to use wall fixture to cast light in certain directions or illuminate areas that may be tough to get light into. Like most things contemporary, these have a sleek, modern feeling,they’re designed simply and can add a minimalist touch to a more traditional space.  VIEW RANGE